Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020

Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020

Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020

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Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020

We are more than halfway through the year and in the middle of a pandemic, yet the tech job market is as strong as ever. Most industries are laying off their employees, but many tech companies are having a surge in hiring. What better time than now to take a step up to a new tech position or a new career in tech. Thus lets look at Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020!

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence also known as AI, is swiftly becoming conventional in business and the lives of a consumer. In 2020, Artificial Intelligence Architects are in great demand, as the tech industry turns its focus toward the emerging field of automation. Companies are on the quest for skilled developers to help them meet the demand for Artificial Intelligence enabled products and services. The role of these developers is to utilise their time using large data to train models which are involved in economic forecasting, natural language processing and image recognition. Most companies look for an AI architect who has a background in computer science, data science, machine learning, natural language processing, AI integration, AI application programming and change management experience.

2. Data Scientist

Companies and businesses are accumulating more and more data daily. That is exactly why now more than ever, it is important to have specialists skilled in data science. Data Scientists fill their working hours cleaning, compiling and presenting data to allow companies to make informed decisions. There is a great demand in the world of Data Science and there is no sign of it slowing down any time soon. With this great demand, becoming a data scientist is an easy choice. Thus try our data science course.

3. Information Security Analyst

Computers and digital information proceed to encompass much in the world of business. That is exactly why we need Information Security Analysts. Security analysts work front and centre to protect information systems from cyber threats. They are vital for protecting user data and sensitive company information. Their job is to ensure that our data is safe and that companies employ effective protective systems. Thus try our cyber security course.

4.  Software engineer

Being a Software engineer is probably one of the most versatile jobs. If you think about it, people use the work of software engineers daily. The applications on our phones were developed by software engineers and our internet browser was created by software engineers. Almost every industry in the world uses some sort of software. There are several paths that one can take as a software engineer. Software engineers use their knowledge of engineering principles and programming languages to develop, design and install software and systems. Their role can start as an entry-level position, with an opportunity to be promoted to a senior software engineer. Thus try our software engineering course.

5. Data Analyst

Data is king! Which is why companies have a substantial focus on data and making data useful. This is where the role of data analysts come in. Data analysts need to be proficient at deciphering data. Their job is to ensure accuracy of data and to find the most useful ways to use that data. Data analyst duties include analytics, developing frameworks for data, strategy development, implementing data-analysis tools, providing user training, collecting and analyzing data sets from diverse sources to inform business decisions and to make accurate predictions.

6. Database Administrator

Database Administrators are similar to data scientists, as they work with high volumes of digital data and help clients manage their data. These experts manage databases and assure that computer systems run as efficiently and effectively as possible. Furthermore try a database administrator course.

7. Web Developer

The internet is not going anywhere, which is why the need for qualified web developers will proceed to grow. Web developers create and design the technical and visual features of a website. Web developers are responsible for every website and web application we use, including this one. Their duties include engaging with clients to discuss their needs, writing code as well as integrating graphics, audio or video into the site. Web developers choose to practice in front-end or back-end development. In turn do a web development course.

8. Computer Hardware Engineer

A Computer Hardware Engineers job is to build, design and repair the physical systems that make computers work. Software may be the face of the tech industry, but tech companies still need hardware experts. Computer hardware engineers are specialists in the complexities of PC hardware and software. They need to configure routers and wireless hubs as well as troubleshoot when problems appear. Some computer hardware engineers travel to different locations providing technical support to clients. In turn try a pc engineering course with School of IT.

9. DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are required to automate and streamline systems and processes, as well as develop and maintain tools for operations, deployment and monitoring systems. They also diagnose and fix issues in testing, development and production environments. They oversee code releases to ensure everything runs smoothly. Their job is to discover where the software is inefficient and assure that everything runs as efficiently as possible. This is done by monitoring, troubleshooting and configuring software if need be. In turn sign up for a aws course.

10. Full-Stack Developer

It is tricky to close in on a definition for a full stack developer, but it is seen as someone who specializes in both front-end and back-end development or has skills in every stage of development. A full-stack developer is normally accountable for designing and building APIs, ensuring applications created are responsive as well as ensuring code created has integrity. In turn do a full stack web development course.

11. Cloud Architect

A cloud architect is responsible for developing cloud architecture, cloud strategy as well as coordinating the implementation and deployment of it. They also ensure application architecture and deployments in the cloud environment are done correctly. More and more companies are moving their vital systems to the cloud, which is why cloud engineers are in high demand. Thus try an aws course.

12. Java Developer

One of the best tech jobs today is Java development. Java is a programming language, extremely useful for finance, research, building Android apps, big data and the list goes on. This type of developer uses their Java skills to develop and test programs. Considering Java is used so widely in a variation of industries, opportunities in the profession will continue to rise. Thus try a practically based java course.

13. Python Developer

Python is extremely popular and is a widely-used programming language. Python development is one of the most popular tech jobs today. A Python developer’s job is to create and test code for a variety of apps, systems and software. They work with data mining, web and cloud development, machine learning and the list goes on. They also update and evaluate programs regularly. Thus try a python course.

14. Mobile Application Developer

Mobile Application Development is one of the most popular technology jobs. The best thing about it is that it demands creativity and keen problem-solving skills. Mobile application development consists of several knowledge sets and skills, because the process of writing code requires expertise in many different skills. Developers need to be able to understand client specifications and provide suggestions for improving mobile applications to ensure they meet user needs. In turn sign up for a mobile app development course.

15. Product manager

Product managers are accountable for developing products from start to finish. They direct market research in order to identify potential products, write specifications, set production timelines and benchmarks, devise product requirements, assign responsibilities, and monitor the project completely They can also set pricing, develop marketing strategies and rollout schedule.

By now you have an idea of what Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020 are. School of IT offers a wide variety of courses that suit all aptitudes and skills. Go check out our course options here.

Top 15 tech jobs in the highest demand in 2020

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