SEO Courses Cape Town

SEO Courses Cape Town

SEO Courses Cape Town

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SEO Courses Cape Town

Questions to ask yourself about the SEO Courses Cape Town.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? – SEO is a marketing strategy that is focused on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results (Google, Bing). SEO encompasses both the technical and content elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and increase results in search engines.

Is what you learn in the SEO course at School Of IT relevant and of value? – Definitely yes, You will learn all about how to research a keyword, rank for it and overall how to implement an SEO strategy.

Who should attend the SEO course?

Whether you are new to SEO or the world wide web or need more advanced SEO knowledge. In turn, The introduction to search engine optimization will provide you with the best beginner strategy skills. Moreover, it will provide the know-how of how Google ranks your content.


Fast forward your career in the IT industry with a part-time course at School Of IT. In turn Part-time courses allow working professionals to transition into a new skill set while working. Moreover at School Of IT we are agile and customize a course to the individual.

Full Time

Ready to start a career in IT? Learn SEO as a full time student at School Of IT. Thus beginning your career in the digital world.

High School

Prepare for the future while you’re still in high school.


Learn SEO and up skill yourself or your company while you’re working.

Course Objectives for SEO.

By the end of the Search Engine Optimization course, students will have usable knowledge of the following:

  • Overall SEO in the current digital landscape
  • Be able to understand SEO updates and trends.
  • Understand and create HTML, site architecture, and technical crucial factors.
  • Thoroughly Understand Google Analytics, SEO goal setting and SEO tools (i.e yoast).
  • Apply Content strategies.
  • Implement PPC, AdWords, and paid advertising.
  • Overall learn Advanced analytics and strategy.

*Classes run on a full-time and part time basis additionally one on one training. start date: Anytime

Other short courses at School Of IT include:

Courses include programming in java, programming in c#, programming in python, programming in c++ and programming in visual basic (vb).

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