Individual Attention

Individual Attention

Individual Attention

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We focus on the customer and giving individual private attention! We at School Of IT pride ourselves in giving knowledge that empowers people and increases their skills as well as their confidence in the field!

Unique about School Of IT’s Approach

At School Of IT we like to think and we actually know we are the best when it comes to IT courses, especially Programming! We chose courses that we knew we could excel in and others in turn could excel in.

All our courses are with a One-on-One Expert Lecturer who is assigned to you. Private Attention is our key focus! Whether it is our venue in Somerset West (155 Main Road, Somerset West Central) or we come to you as the client! (Your premises or agreed upon location!(Western Cape Only)). Alternatively we offer online courses (Lecturer lead via teamviewer). But our online training is not like the norm – you get assigned a One-on-One Expert. We use teamviewer which allows us to not only interact with you but your computer and code too.

Our approach is not theoretical but more practical, that is the only way to learn programming, web design, graphic design and any IT course.

Check out our courses: Programming Courses Web Design Courses Microsoft Sql Server Course Graphic Design Course Pc Engineering Course


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