Coding For Kids

Coding For Kids

Coding For Kids

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Coding For Kids

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Coding For Kids

Overall questions to ask yourself about Coding For Kids?

All in all is the coding for kids course in demand? – Definitely Yes. Moreover The RoboMaster S1 is a game-changing educational robot built to unlock the potential in every learner. Inspired by DJI’s annual RoboMaster robotics competition, the S1 provides users with an in-depth understanding of science, math, physics, programming, and more through captivating gameplay modes and intelligent features.

Can a child of any age learn to code? – Yes, but recommended ages 8 and up.

How would you teach coding? – We make coding fun for kids to learn, they build games and develop their logic using Robotics, languages such as python, scratch or java greenfoot.

Programming for Children

Why Coding For Kids?

Computer Programming teaches programmers about how computers think and operate. Moreover computers would not know what to process without the role of programmers/coders. In turn this teaches the process of writing and testing. This includes troubleshooting and maintaining the source code of the computer program. Thus commands are written in a computer programming language.

Coding For Kids

Overview Of Coding For Kids

In turn Computer Programming at School of IT consists of several valuable knowledge and skills. In turn this is because the process of writing code or source code requires expertise in many skills.

Including knowledge of the application, and the application domain. Altogether you gain maths logic (algorithms. In turn the software development courses range from an introduction to programming, such as python, java, using scratch or swift.

Who should attend the Coding For Kids?

At School of IT, if you want to start programming for software or any application. The kids programming training course is for you. Thus whether you are new to Computer Programming or need more advance coding for kids. Moreover the introduction to coding course will provide you the best beginner skills. No to mention logic and knowledge to start programming today!.


Learn to code anytime, anywhere!

Overall learn coding anytime and anywhere. We have 3 training options and we have award-winning coding courses. In turn learn languages such as scratch, python or swift.


Fast forward your career in the IT industry with a part-time course at School of IT. In turn Part-time courses allow parents who work to for there kids to attend class anytime. Thus at School of IT we are agile and customize a course to the individual. Flexibility.

Full Time

Ready to code? Learn to Code as a full time student at School of IT. Thus beginning your career in programming.

High School

Prepare for the future by learning to code while you’re still in high school. Thus no matter where you are, we give you the basics to pursue your dreams.

Intro Coding Objectives

Course objectives

By the end of the course, students will have usable knowledge of the following:

  • Understand OOP – Object Orientated Programming
  • Be able to understand classes coupled with Objects.
  • Get understanding of datatypes together with operators.
  • Thoroughly Understand variable declaration including initialization.
  • Methods, functions coupled with sequential code.
  • Decision making: If statements not to mention switch cases.
  • Loops, namely a do while, for loop and while loop.
  • With attention to commenting, refracting code and naming standards.
  • Have an understanding of IDE’s, applets coupled with publishing applications.
  • Including a basic understanding of databases.

Programming for anyone of any age

Build practical games with code

All in all this short learning programme provides an excellent practical knowledge in the basics of any programming language. Moreover you have the choice between either scratch or python or swift as the programming language.

Why Learn to Code?

Coding and programming has quickly become one of the most sort after skills across all industries and around the world. Apple founder Steve Jobs said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

In turn by learning and practicing code, you will improve your logic and the way you see problems. Thus strengthening your logical reasoning skills and learning to code to your fullest.

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