PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town

PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town

PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town

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PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town.

Questions to ask yourself about the PHP and MySQL Course Cape Town.

Why learn PHP and MySQL? – All in all PHP is one of the world’s most popular server side languages. Furthermore PHP is especially suited to web development.

Is what you learn relevant and of value? – Definitely yes and it’s current and you learn from experienced web design lecturers.

About PHP

PHP: Hypertext Processor is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development, but also used as a programming language.

In turn you will learn how to embed PHP code into HTML syntax/pages. Overall use PHP and MySQL together to store, retrieve, update sensitive data.

PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town

PHP and MySQL, what will you learn?

PHP and MySQL has become one of the most popular full-featured open-source languages. In addition it is capable of managing huge database-driven platforms. source: wiki

Overall PHP was originally created to help coders maintain personal home pages. In turn these days, web developers all over use PHP as a general-purpose scripting language.

PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town: Outline

The PHP Courses Cape Town Outline

  • All in all an introduction to the PHP Syntax.
  • Learn about classes and objects in PHP.
  • Pass values via a URL including HTML Forms and PHP Variables.
  • All in all looking at Variables, operators, decision making and loops
  • Thus you can learn error handling.
  • In turn looking at
  • In addition formatting strings, functions, and basic form validation using php.
  • Not to mention learn about arrays – two dimensional, and manipulation of functions.
  • All in all use the built-in mail Function with PHP.
  • In addition learn about regular expressions special characters.
  • Thus learn basic form validation with regular expressions and passing.
  • Overall using encryption to protect data/sensitive information.
  • Not to mention learn XML basics, parsing XML with SAX and DOM.
  • In addition use the Built-in mail function and PHPMailer
  • Overall how to start sessions and write and delete cookies
  • Furthermore learn about constructors and destructors in PHP.
  • Thus use the $this variable and several others.
  • Not to mention learn Exception Handling.
  • All in all create pdfs with PEAR and PHP.
  • In turn use authentication with PEAR and PHP.
  • Thus use how to handle forms with PEAR and PHP.

About MySQL Courses Cape Town

All in all MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS). In turn the Structured Query Language is used to query, update, create databases and so much more.source: wiki

PHP and MySQL Courses Cape Town

MySQL Course Outline

  • Introduction to the SQL Syntax – SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE etc.
  • All in all querying a database and displaying result sets/reports.
  • Overall authentication with PHP and SQL: PHP native database functions

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