JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg

JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg

JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg

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JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg.

Questions to ask yourself about JavaScript Courses Johannesburg.

Why learn JavaScript and JQuery? – JavaScript is one of the world’s most popular scripting languages. In turn the scripting language of the world wide web (www). Together with frameworks such as jQuery.

Is what you learn in the JavaScript and JQuery Courses Joburg relevant? – Definitely yes. Furthermore it’s current and you learn from experienced web development lecturers.

About JavaScript Courses Joburg 

JavaScript is the logic work (client-side language) of the browser page. Overall use javaScript for logic operations. This includes advanced functions on web pages. Not to mention use JavaScript to add functionality. Overall use it to validate forms, detect browsers, and much much more.

JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg

JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg: Full Course Outline

JavaScript Course Outline

  • All in all an Introduction to JavaScript.
  • Thus work with variables and data.
  • In addition functions, methods and events.
  • Not to mention control the program flow of events.
  • Overall look at the JavaScript object model.
  • Use the JavaScript language objects.
  • Develop interactive forms with validation.
  • Learn about frames, transition and animations in JavaScript.
  • All in all learn about cookies and JavaScript security.

About JQuery

JQuery is a JavaScript library designed to optimize the client side scripting of HTML. All in all JQuery uses less code than JavaScript code. In turn JQuery solves the issue of cross browser compatibility. Not to metnion the JQuery library is a single file containing all DOM (document object model), events and Ajax functions.

JavaScript and JQuery Courses Johannesburg

JavaScript and JQuery, what will you learn?

You will learn JavaScript as well as jQuery, you will be able to manipulate web page elements and tags. Furthermore how to add content and improve the user experience (UX and UI). Not to mention transitions and animations. Including how to add HTML form validation. All in all this includes validation of email address, regex patterns and applying logic.

JQuery Course Outline

  • Using JQuery (Why it’s used, how to use it and when to use it).
  • How JQuery makes common JavaScript functions easier.
  • In addition make use of plugins and JQuery.
  • Overall look at events, including when a key is pressed.
  • HTML and DOM (document object model).

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